Instruction: Summer Performing Arts Explosion

The Summer Performing Arts Explosion is not offered at present.

PAST EVENT: Summer Performing Arts Explosion 2013

Summer Performing Arts Summer Performing Arts Summer Performing Arts
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• The Program

The program was offered to children aged 6-13. Students took part in a variety of activities including: acting, dancing, singing, theatre games, improvisation, etc. A typical day began with our warm up and students took part in both small and larger group activities throughout the week.

Participation in these activities helped build confidence, improve creativity and increase self-esteem.

Talent time took place each day at 3:30 PM. All students were encouraged to show off their special talents.

A final demonstration was held on Saturday July 20th at the Registry Theatre located at 122 Frederick Street in Kitchener. This was an exciting opportunity for the students to perform in an intimate theatre.