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Music Therapy CMTE & Other Courses:
Relationship Completion at End‑of‑Life

This self-study course is offered through Music Therapy Online. Participants may use this training towards Continuing Education Credits. If you are working in palliative and/or cancer care and would you like to deepen your understanding of the needs of clients at end-of-life then this course is for you. You will become familiar with current techniques, research and practical applications of music therapy with persons at end-of-life.


  • Overview of Palliative Care Music Therapy
  • Techniques used in Palliative Care Music Therapy
  • Emerging Themes
  • Dileo & Dneaster Model of Music Therapy in Palliative Care
  • Research and descriptive literature
  • Narrative research study and case vignette
  • Implications for Music Therapists
  • Ideas for future inquiry
  • Bonus Content Options

Learning Objectives

  • To increase your understanding of palliative care music therapy, techniques and theory
  • Understand the Dileo & Dneaster palliative care model of music therapy and implement this model in your practice
  • Learn about relationship completion and the importance of this work at the end‑of‑life
  • To understand the process of music therapy facilitated relationship completion through a research case example
  • To engage in this work and future research investigations