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Music Therapy & Psychotherapy Supervision


Supervision is an important aspect of professional practice for students in training, credentialed music therapists (MTA, MT-BC) registered psychotherapists (RP), and registered psychotherapists Qualifying (Ontario). Clinical supervision enables the therapist or pre-professional to grow and learn from their clinical work, discuss the therapeutic relationship and direction of the therapeutic process, progress in their clinical skills, and work authentically; while ensuring the safe and effective use of self and the well-being of the client. Amy Clements-Cortes, PhD, RP, MTA, MT-BC provides clinical music therapy, psychotherapy, and internship supervision in Southwestern Ontario and the Greater Toronto Area; as well as via distance online. Amy has provided supervision for over 19 years to professionals and students working with a wide variety of clients across the lifespan including individuals diagnosed with: Dementia, Cancer, Terminal Illnesses, Parkinson’s, Brain Injury, Autism, Mental Health Disorders, Trauma, Sexual & Physical Abuse, Stress, Anxiety, Chronic Illness, and Older Adults.

Goals of Clinical Music Therapy & Psychotherapy Supervision:

  • Monitor and ensure welfare of clients seen by Supervisee.
  • Monitor and ensure the Supervisee's performance appears consistent with the CRPO Code of Ethics and/or the CAMT/AMTA Codes of Ethics.
  • Promote development of Supervisee’s professional counselor identity and competence, and/or music therapy approach.
  • Fulfill requirements in preparation for Supervisee’s pursuit of registered psychotherapist or ongoing registration with the CRPO; and/or maintaining credentialing with the CAMT or AMTA.

Fee for RP Qualifing, RP or MTA/MT-BC Supervision: $100.00-$150 per hour.

Contact Amy to discuss Supervision both in-person and online via distance.

Music Therapy Clinical Internship Supervision

Amy’s Approach to Music Therapy Internship Supervision:

The music therapy internship is a significantly important stage in each music therapist’s training. It is the place where an intern begins to formulate a professional identity while solidifying and uniting course work in the clinical world. I believe that the supervisory relationship is one in which both the supervisor and supervisee learn from one another. I think “outside the box” and challenge my interns to also do so in their clinical placements. The intern must be prepared to work hard, and willing to examine him/herself personally, professionally & musically. As a supervisor, I work equally hard to establish a trusting relationship by being clear about expectations, providing ongoing evaluation and helping interns to formulate their professional identities. I have developed a Competency Based Model of Supervision based on the CAMT Competencies that is utilized in internship supervision.

Fee for Music Therapy Clinical Internship Supervision: $100.00 per hour
Liability Insurance: Interns must purchase liability insurance available through CAMT.

Application Procedures for Clinical Internship Supervision:
Contact Amy by email and attach a cover letter and a resume or curriculum vitae. 2 References required.