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The Client Experience

University Teaching and Supervision

"It has been a pleasure to learn from you the past few years. I wish you all the best & wanted to thank you again for your wonderful support and guidance."  Kelsey Arsenault, July 2021

"In my three years of studying at Ryerson University, Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes is by far the most helpful and well informed professor that I am very delighted to have encountered. I was easily able to progress through my Conflict Resolution in Community Services course as a result of her timely and detailed feedback in completing course-related assignments, and feel equipped to use her guidance in future professional settings." Qasim Latif, Ryerson University, April 2020

"It was great having Dr. Clements-Cortes teaching this course on aging and future trends. Dr. C is very knowledgeable and participated in the discussion posts which I found refreshing, as I don’t feel most professors would engage in that much detail. I work in the field with seniors and this course really highlighted the trends I’m currently seeing and will see as the population ages. It was a pleasure being in this class and I do hope to take more courses offered by Dr. C. Thank you!"  Nadia Pirani, Ryerson University, April 2020

"I can honestly say that this has been one of the best courses that I have taken in my 3 years at Ryerson. The content itself was very useful and informative, and I learned a lot about the complexities of conflict. Dr. C, thank you for being such a caring professor and truly wanting to see every student succeed." Amanda Garnier, Ryerson University, April 2020

“Dr. Clements-Cortes is an inspirational educator. Her course was thorough and provided a deep insight into the social implications of aging, as well as novel ideas to improve the lives of older adults. She is one of the most engaged professors I have been taught by, and the interface she creates with her students is testament to her ability to connect and galvanize." Amel Begeta, Ryerson University, August, 2019

"Overall, the course was well-organized; the assignment instructions and expectations were plainly outlined; and your feedback and communications were positive. Instructors could learn from your level of engagement to improve their own teaching and student experience. You are the best instructor that I have had at Ryerson to date". Nathalie Candace Nicholson, Ryerson University, December 2017

"Thank you Amy!! for all your teaching and support throughout my university life. All your dedication and care meant a lot to me! I remember that I was very motivated and inspired by taking one of your music therapy courses in second year. My internship could not be able to happen without your hard work. Once again, I really appreciate it and your hard work led me where I am now." Jessica Ko, University of Windsor, April 2015

"Thank you for being a mentor to me this year. You've taught me so much about the music therapy profession". Jared Ross, University of Toronto, April 2015

"I am very grateful to you, Amy, for your flexibility, sensitivity and accommodation regarding my schedule and caseload. It is allowing me to have the learning experience I’m striving for during this summer’s internship." Vivian Chan, Wilfrid Laurier University, June 2012

"Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes continuously engages students in class through professional lectures and by leading excellent examples. Dr. Amy-Clements-Cortes helped form and refine my research skills and prepared me for the world of academia and graduate studies. Her positive attitude and continuous care for the professional development of students shone through in every lecture and beyond class time. Her professional attitude helps students understand how they can contribute to their field and their society. Dr. Clements-Cortes was by far one of the best professors that I had in my undergraduate career." Rebecca Wright, University of Windsor, March 2012

“Amy is probably the busiest person I know, but she always responds to questions and concerns immediately with constructive suggestions or actions. She motivates students through all of her actions, providing depth to learning through linking meaningful, powerful action with theories and concepts. Her teaching style not only facilitates excellent comprehension of the material, but pushes students to their utmost potential and efforts because she provides an example of excellence. Amy is an ambassador for innovation and excellence, impacting not only Music Therapy, but healthcare in general” Rebecca McGuire, University of Windsor, March 2012

“Having Dr. Clements-Cortes as a supervisor was a truly enriching experience! I appreciated her support and feedback throughout the internship process Her approach to supervision is very accessible and motivating. With her support and feedback I was able to develop my personal approach to music therapy practice and was well prepared for the transition to Masters of Music Therapy. hank you Amy for lighting the way for me and other future music therapist.” Rebecca Harknett, University of Windsor, March 2012

Speaking Engagements

"The AMI Conference Team would like to express our sincere appreciation to you for your outstanding session at the 2021 AMI Virtual Conference. Your presentation, Supporting Grief, Bereavement and Relationship Completion at End-of-Life Through the Bonny Method, was very well-attended and generated much interest among participants. Thank you for sharing your vision and experience in this unique session. Your presentation was creative, interesting, timely, and very informative. Hopefully you will consider submitting another proposal for the next AMI conference." Jennie Band, PhD, Program Chair, 2021 AMI Virtual Conference

"Dr. Clements-Cortes, What a wonderful talk! I knew you were going to do great, but that really topped my expectations! Amazing work". Avery Ng, Conference Coordinator, Wellness through Grace, Online, May 2021

"Dear Amy, We can't thank you enough for joining us as an Advisor on Tap for the Arts and Health Fireside chat.You were so successful in sharing your passion and the power of music therapy. Lots of really positive comments about your talk in the evaluations (you were ranked #1)". Kira Tozer, Knowledge Translation Manager, Arts and Health Network, June 2014

"They appreciated your presentation so much person said it was so good to have someone present academic information in such an understandable manner". Sandra Kerr, Director, Programs for 50+, Ryerson Chang School, June 2014

"Just to let you know how incredibly fortunate we are to have you at Baycrest. I was in awe of your presentation on Tuesday at the Cole lecture. Your passion, enthusiasm and caring was evident throughout. I was astounded by your many professional and academic achievements. You’re too young to have accomplished so much!!!", Beverly Adler, Social Worker, Baycrest Centre, March 2012

"You did an amazing job speaking at the Music Care Conference last week! I heard many, many very positive comments from others who attended as well."
Elizabeth Eldridge BMT, MTA, RMT, Accredited Music Therapist, Registered Music Teacher, Proprietor, Arpeggio Music Therapy

"Well planned, Smooth presentation, Loved the music therapy."; "Want more of Dr. Amy Clements-Cortes"; "Well organized - Promotes discussion"; "Dr. Amy - Amazing"; "Dr. Amy - Excellent research & Case studies"; "Loved the music - Relaxation session" North Simcoe Muskoka Palliative Care Network Conference, April 2011.

Groove-Based Ukulele for Music Therapists

"This is in-depth course that is sure to engage and/or improve any MT (at any level)  that wants to utilize the ukulele in their practice.  The sequence in which Len carefully and thoughtfully presented the material was most useful to my practice. Each lesson builds off the previous one and considers the physical and cognitive skills one must develop to progress successfully.  These lessons have helped me to plan my sessions both with and without the ukulele. Len’s comments and suggestions re: the video assignments were highly insightful and sometimes made a world of a difference in helping me acquire new skills or greatly improve on old bad habits. Paul Kates, MT-BC

"Not having played much ukulele at all beforehand, I really enjoyed taking this course and found it extremely helpful.  I now feel comfortable playing it.  Being provided all the necessary elements was most helpful - having the songs with chord changes, as well as the chord charts, and being able to watch the videos as many times as I needed. I plan to use this broad range of songs/styles/chords to learn new songs relevant to the population I currently work with - teens in mental health. The instructor was very helpful with his feedback and future recommendations, and got back to me quickly after each assignment submission. Rebecca Bowie, MT-BC

"This very rich course made a huge positive impact on my practice, and it brought my ukulele skills to a brand-new level. I learned how to create so many different things to attract and motivate my clients, and a systematic way of teaching it. I appreciate Dr. McCarthy’s detailed feedback for my every assignment and our communication/his encouragement along the way. Luwen Zhang, MT-BC

"This course has been a joy for me to take!  Often continuing ed credits are just something you struggle to do to fulfill your music therapy board certification requirements but not the "Groove Based Ukulele" course.  There have been many conferences, classes I've gone to that I wondered why I wasted my money to attend-your ukulele course has been well worth it! I am not a guitar player but use the Q Chord and keyboards in my music therapy practice however Len's teaching in the ukulele skills course turned me into a ukulele player. The course is so very well planned, allowed me to build on new skills and work at my own pace. Thanks so very much! Deb Nielsen, MT-BC

"This course was a lot of fun. I was pleasantly challenged in a way that I hadn’t been since I left university 20 years ago.  Len’s feedback about my video assignments was extremely helpful, and I feel like I improved tremendously. As someone with previous Uke experience, I’ve never been able to figure out how to use a ukulele as a strong accompaniment instrument. This course showed me how it can be used with a multitude of genres. I really don’t see any point to carrying a guitar anymore. Hayley Mieras, MT-BC

"The material in this course was very well-organized, and Len made it easy to follow. He is a very talented musician and an excellent teacher.  I found the variety of strumming patterns and techniques on how to use the ukulele as a percussive instrument particularly useful. I appreciate the time Len took writing detailed critiques and providing suggestions after each assignment.  This course helped me to take my playing to the next level. Dana Baley, MT-BC

Anti-Oppressive Practice

“Thanks for putting this course together! I waited a week before submitting so that I could test my goals and objectives, and they’re already making a difference.”

“I enjoyed this course, especially when the mode was changed up a bit - poems, videos, etc. Hayley is a great teacher!”

“Great course! Engaging and eye opening. Thank you so much! :) ”

“This course was so helpful in expanding my understanding of AOP! It really built on the foundation I had and increased my knowledge on the topic.”

“Hayley was a wonderful and informative instructor! The coursework was relevant, thought-provoking, and impactful.”

“This course was incredibly insightful and a much needed educational opportunity in our field. The amount of self-reflection and learnings as well as personal goal setting will be impactful for me in my practice and my clients.”

“Hayley does such a great job of making an online platform feel interactive.”

Voice Students

"I first came to Amy as a shy 6 year old girl with little confidence but a desire to become a performer. Through countless hours of hard work, Amy helped me gain confidence to become an enthusiastic young adult, not only in performing and music but with life skills in general. The dedication, organization, and enthusiasm Amy brings to every lesson allows her students to excel to their full potential. She is a very talented performer herself, making her students aspire to have the confidence and talent she possesses. Our relationship has grown into a great friendship through our passion for singing and performing."
Rachel Fackoury, March 2012

"Dear Amy, Thank you so much for all the confidence you have given me over the last few years. You are a wonderful singing teacher. I really enjoyed my lessons with you."
Angel Jutzi

"Dear Amy, Thanks for making this past year singing with you so much fun. I have learned so much from you. You are an amazing person."
Meagan Doerner

Performing Comments

"Aside from the breathtaking beauty of her voice, Amy's talent shows years of strenuous training, agility & virtuosity. This is simply one of her fortes. Amy also has extensive music therapy experience having released cds of her own of this nature."
Victoria Gilbert Mendes (ARCT),York Region Conservatory of Music—Principal, Royal Conservatory of Music—Examiner, ORMTA, CMFAA, July 2010

"Amy, Thank you for being part of our special day. You sang beautifully at our wedding. You truly have the voice of an angel."
Lisa and Chris Taylor